The Gilbert & Sullivan Ensemble

Spring 2008

Founded in 1991, the Ensemble is the musical core of the Waterloo Regional Gilbert & Sullivan Society. The Ensemble performs at special events and often produces theme concerts.

Several members of the Ensemble have performed with the Drayton Festival Theatre, the Oktoberfest operettas (1980–86), the K–W Philharmonic Choir, Kitchener Waterloo Musical Productions, and other community groups.

The Gilbert & Sullivan Ensemble performed in Trial By Jury for a K–W Symphony's POPS concert, directed by Alex Mustakas and conducted by Brian Jackson.

Several members of the Ensemble were in The Mikado presented by the Gilbert & Sullivan Society in March 2006 at the new St. Jacobs Country Playhouse.

The Ensemble
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Christmas Concert

The annual Christmas Show is a highlight of the year. The Ensemble presents a wonderful mix of old favourites, new songs, and an audience sing-a-long. See the Productions page for a review of recent Christmas programs and other productions.

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Administrators: D. Kuehl
Music Directors: Rebecca Booker & Rachel Pantaleo